Society of Legal Scholars Conference 2012

Last week was the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) conference in Bristol.  Some good social media coverage on Twitter with #slsBristol hashtag – see Ann Priestley’s blog post on the #slsbristol backchannel: all about the audience.

The Higher Education Academy sponsored the Round Table Sessions, which were a new addition to the conference.  Also new to SLS for this year, was a poster competition.  I had a poster on Mapping Innovation in Legal Education ( needless to say didn’t win, but congratulations go to Rachel Cahill-O’Callaghan (Cardiff) for her poster ‘Do Personal Values Tip the Scales of Justice?’ and David McArdle (Stirling) for his poster ‘Sports Law, Sports Arbitration and the Athlete Biological Passport’.

I also gave a plenary/keynote on the vision of a Law School in 2025 ( which involved some crystal ball gazing but a little humour regarding what the staff, students and the classroom of 2025 might be like in 13 years time.

I have put together a Storify sequence of the Legal Education sessions at the conference ( which highlights some of the speaker sessions and gives one or two photos of interesting parts of their presentations.

Next year, the SLS 2013 conference will be somewhat closer to home at Edinburgh Law School.

About Michael Bromby
Lecturer in Law at Truman Bodden Law School

4 Responses to Society of Legal Scholars Conference 2012

  1. Thanks for the shout-out and congrats for getting back on the blogging bus!

    Am pondering whether, post-conf, twegals(!) tend not to use hashtags but rely on their network to surface further coverage. What do you think?

    • Thanks Ann – yes, you’re probably right. I think event chat seems to take place real-time with the event and everyone uses the hashtag(s) but then things drift off.
      Maybe the hashtags get in the way – #slsBristol isn’t that long, but also add #LegalEd, maybe someone’s name, maybe a link and you’re full already!

  2. Just spotted you didn’t use #slsbristol in your tweet…think my qu is answered!

    • Yes, well that was an unexpected autotweet that I didn’t really expect to be generated, then I couldn’t be bothered retweeting and tagging – there’s nothing new in the blog post, only dragging stuff together for posterity and the non-tweeters out there!

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