Creation: Fifth and final topic for the #BYOD4L MOOC

Before starting this week-long MOOC, suggested to me by Sheila MacNeill, a few of us at GCU thought it would be good to meet on the Friday afternoon for a brief debrief, mainly consisting of coffee and biscuits. To try and fit with the topic, would we create something? Nothing concrete came of our meeting, but we most certainly have created a small community of practice which may well have existed before, but the MOOC has brought us together with purpose, following a shared experience, and some curated content we’ve gathered along the way.


The video scenarios for the MOOC have consisted on one student voice and one staff voice. We discussed what we have learnt from the MOOC as staff members and what other teachers might learn from doing something similar, or whether we could support a larger community of practice within our institution. Also, I was curious to find out if any students had participated, particularly from an undergraduate programme.

So, most of today’s thoughts relate to creating ideas or opportunities for students to engage and learn from these five topics. My current final year dissertation students are using the Journal function on the VLE to create drafts and upload resources relating to their dissertation. It helps me stay organised as I don’t have draft chapters floating around in my inbox, but the Journal also permits comments and feedback for each entry. Students can change the settings and keep some entries private, so use the Journal as a space to create without anyone seeing it, either until it’s more developed or not at all.

Many of the examples I’ve discussed over the week have involved creating as well as collaborating, curating, communicating and connecting. This shows that none of the topics is discrete and separate from the others, but all overlap to differing degrees dependent on the person or the technology they choose to use.

About Michael Bromby
Lecturer in Law at Truman Bodden Law School

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