Knowledge Transfer and Income Generation


UK Centre for Legal Education funding to hold a workshop on Open Educational Resources (OER) in law (£5,000)

The International Centre for Comparative Criminological Research (ICCCR), The Open University funding for Workshop Funding for an event on visual representations of evidence (£3,000)


Institute for Advanced Studies (based at University of Strathclyde)

Programme of interdisciplinary work involving academics, practitioners, policy makers and support groups based upon Miscarriages of Justice in Scotland (£25,000)


Caledonian Academy Scholarship.  Action research project to develop blended learning online seminars (£2,000)

Strategic Investment & Development Fund. Start-up cost to develop an Innocence Network UK Project (£3,000)

Academy Scotland (HEA) Travel Fund (£300); follow-on Travel Fund (£300)

Second Life Competition to pilot a legal education scheme (SL$ award)

BILETA Annual Conference and additional workshops.  Internationally attended, turnover (£23,000); income generated (£6,000)


KTP project (Serendipity Interactive Ltd).  To develop, using public key infrastructure (PKI) and biometric technologies, a legally compliant and secure framework for the verification and non-repudiation of personal digital identity.  Nominated Supervisor / Academic Adviser for Research Associate (£76,000)


KTP project (Kennedys Patents).  To develop integrated practice management systems to interface with staff on multiple sites, clients, Patent and Trade Mark offices and associate firms which conforms to appropriate software development methodology.  Academic Adviser (following retiral of lead academic.  Nominated for KTP project award in 2009 (£76,000)


Facial Imagery Analysis Group.  Secretary and joint group founder; Adviser for publishing best practice guidance; Co-ordinator for developing accreditation by CRFP; Lead, CPD activities and conference organiser; Web editor for the Imagery Analysis section of BAHID (CPD income £3,000)


Joseph Bell Centre for Forensic Statistics and Legal Reasoning.  Joint bid to the Scottish Funding Council between the law schools of Glasgow Caledonian and Edinburgh, and the Maths department and Artificial Intelligence Institute of Edinburgh to set up a multi-disciplinary centre (£728,000)

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