Online Seminars

This project was funded by the Caledonian Academy Scholars Initiative at Glasgow Caledonian University.  I received funding from 2008-10 to conduct two cycles of action research – my proposal was titled Online Seminars: An International Perspective on Problem-Based Learning.

I used a wiki to report on my progress and to act as a platform to invite other institutions to participate in a series of collaborative seminars where students from different legal jurisdictions could use asynchronous online discussion boards to debate and solve various problems they were given.

Podcast, with slides and Audio, from the UKCLE’s e-learning seminar series 2007-08, seminar 1 (collaborative and distributive learning) University College London: Online Seminars – An International Perspective on Problem Based Learning.

Bromby, M. (2009) Virtual Seminars: Problem-based Learning in Healthcare Law and Ethics, 2009(3) Journal of Information, Law & Technology (JILT)


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