Peer Reviewed Publications

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Other Published Papers

Bromby, M (2018) International Criminal Law by Douglas Guilfoyle, Book Review, The Law Teacher

Bromby, M (2018) Privy Council – Practice, Book Review, Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education

Bromby, M. & Schafer, B. (2014) Response to the Cameras in Court Consultation – A response from the British & Irish Law, Education & Technology Association (BILETA) to the consultation by the Judicial Office for Scotland  regarding the use of video recording and texting in courtrooms

Bromby, M (2011-13) Legal Education Updates, The Higher Education Academy, York

Bromby, M. & Mason, S. (2011) Response to Digital Agenda for Europe: Public consultation – A joint response with the Information Technology Think Tank (ITTT) to the Electronic identification, authentication and signatures in the European digital single market Public consultation

Bromby, M. (2011) Response to The Judicial Office for England and Wales consultation – A joint response with the Information Technology Think Tank (ITTT) to the Judicial Office for England and Wales consultation on live, text-based communications from court

Ness, H., Prior, A., Bromby, M., Graham, G. & Hogan. D (2009). Does repeatedly viewing footage lead to the acquisition of ‘special knowledge?’ Paper presented at the SARMAC conference as part of the symposium entitled ‘Improving the accuracy of visual and eyewitness evidence’, Kyoto, Japan, 26-30 July 2009.

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Online Resources

Bromby, M. (2010) Brain Imaging: Consent Issues, and Licensing of Storage and Analysis, presentation and video, Scottish Universities Insight Institute’s Brain Imaging Programme.

Bromby, M. et al. (2009-present) Innocence and Miscarriages of Justice: An Annotated Bibliography, A categorised compilation of published work, created by staff and students attached to the GCU Innocence Project –

Bromby, M. & Trinder, K. (2009) Forensis Michalak (Michael Bromby) introduces his pilot project on using virtual worlds in teaching in Law YouTube Presentation 24 November 2009

Bromby, M. (2008-10) Online Seminars – An International Perspective on Problem Based Learning

Wiki containing resources for learning and teaching –

Bromby, M. (2007-present) Digital Directions, Blog for the UK Centre for Legal Education, Subject Centre of the Higher Education Academy –

Bromby, M., MacMillan, M. & McKellar, P. (2003) ADVOKATE – A Resource for Learning the Law of Evidence, Showcase of courseware in the UK for law schools, UK Centre for Legal Education –

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